Fresh New Garden

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Starting with: bare dirt, wild vines, and existing decks.

What did we design? First, we worked out the grade change by adding a short garden wall and steps and cleaned up the vines. Next, drip irrigation, concrete pavers and a fossil-fuel-free EcoSmart firepit created outdoor living spaces, which needed some new outdoor furniture (we love Pot-Ted!).

Plants make the garden, so we started a soil party (by planting Myco-Packs with each plant), planted climate appropriate, low-water, dog-proof plants, and topped it all with a thick, healthy layer of mulch to feed the soil, limit evaporation, and keep everyone clean.

Ending: No! Now the fun starts for our clients, their dog, and their healthy new garden.

Here’s what the garden does:

    + Captures and infiltrates stormwater, eliminating site run-off and the need for imported water.
    + Produces lemons, apples, shade, habitat, flowers, and year-round color.
    + Requires limited maintenance: Paths, decks and stairs should be swept weekly, with all leaf debris spread around on existing mulch. Minor weeding will be required as everything settles in, and after seasonal rains. Trees and vines will need yearly pruning.
    + Requires limited inputs: Efficient drip irrigation is required to establish new plants, and then provide supplemental water in drought years, just twice a month. Light fixtures are LED and both super efficient and dimmable (with an app!).
    + Dog playground! Mulch keeps paws clean, limits flees, and provides a safe landing for rolling and frolicking. Plants are all sturdy and can stand an enthusiastic pit bull running into and through them.

Los Angeles County Drought Tolerant Handbook

Los Angeles County Drought Tolerant Handbook

With our droughts in full effect we want to remind everyone that we helped write (and design) the book on drought tolerant gardening in Los Angeles. Download  The Drought Tolerant Garden, Los Angeles County Handbook pdf at the County Green Building Program to view the entire 50 page book. Chock full of important and helpful information including more than 500 drought tolerant plants specifically for your zone. green_drought-tolerant-garden(8)

Download the pdf at the County Green Building Program

Water in LA (in Los Angeles Magazine)


Water in LA (in Los Angeles Magazine)

The September issue features a really great collection of articles about regional water, addressing issues including:

  • where our water comes from (hint – not the sky!)
  • historical and political issues
  • what our future may hold
  • and what we can do about it (#1 tip – water-smart landscaping!)

Definitely worth reading! Top sushi bars and brunch spots are also featured. Yum!