Garden Bats

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 4.26.35 PM

We found this cutie sleeping on the molding, outside a garage in Seattle a few summers ago.

Recently, a client requested a bat-friendly garden. We’ve designed kid-friendly, dog-friendly, bee-friendly (and un-friendly for bee-allergic), and certainly bird & butterfly-friendly. Bat-friendly was a new one!

Bats are helpful predators – eating insects we don’t want in our gardens. They eat  mosquitos and other pests, including scorpions and roaches. They are also effective pollinators.

Adding bat boxes and a water source, and keeping healthy mature trees and shrubs for perching, are a good place to start. Plants that bloom and/or release fragrance at night are enticing, as are plants with pale blooms and broad open flowers. Brugmansia (Angel Trumpet) is topping my plant list, followed by California Evening Primrose.

Also avoid pesticides and herbicides, of course.





L.A. Arboretum to open sustainable garden


This weekend as part of the Los Angeles Arboretum’s Grow! festival the newly redesigned Garden for All Seasons will be showcasing. We are so excited to stroll through the festival this weekend and get inspired by all the exciting ideas that are being designed and tested in this garden!