Are your downspouts working for you?


Removing old plantings and directing downspouts into rain gardens all over town! We can help you capture all the rainwater that falls onto your roof and redirect it into your garden! This smart client hired us just in time for this winter’s rains!


Lawn to Landscape!


  1. This corner lot in Pasadena was surrounded on two sides by turf grass and old shrubs.
  2. We worked with the homeowners and licensed contractors to remove the grass and amend the soil organically. Soil was also moved around,  digging down to create small lakes (swales) and mounded up to create little hills (berms). Small rivers (trenches) connected gutter downspouts to the swales, so rainwater from the roof can stay in the garden and deep water the plants.
  3. Native and climate appropriate plants were planted throughout the garden.



Los Angeles County Drought Tolerant Handbook

Los Angeles County Drought Tolerant Handbook

With our droughts in full effect we want to remind everyone that we helped write (and design) the book on drought tolerant gardening in Los Angeles. Download  The Drought Tolerant Garden, Los Angeles County Handbook pdf at the County Green Building Program to view the entire 50 page book. Chock full of important and helpful information including more than 500 drought tolerant plants specifically for your zone. green_drought-tolerant-garden(8)

Download the pdf at the County Green Building Program