How Much Water Are You Using?

The Drought is big news, and everyone is talking about water conservation. There are lots of ways you can help, especially in your landscape. On average, Southern Californians use 50% – 70% of our water outside, in our gardens.

How much water are you using? Check your DWP bill. Look for “Water Charges” and you will see a date range and a number followed by HCF. This stands for Hundred Cubic Feet, and 1 HCF = 748 Gallons.

Simply multiply this number by 748, then divide by the number of days to determine how many gallons, on average, you use in a given day.

For example, my recent bill lists:

Water Charges 11/7/13 – 1/9/14  6 HCF

so 6 HCF divided by 63 days = 0.0953 HCF/day

0.0953 x 748 = 71.2 gallons / day

If you want to see how much water your irrigation system is using, consider checking your water meter the next time you run your system. Note the numbers both before and after, then just subtract to get your total.

Knowledge is power! With this information, you can target your own water conservation efforts. You may want to consider recycling some of your water (from your shower, water filtration system and/or washing machine)  into your landscape as gray water. Certainly, making sure you are using water outdoors as efficiently as possible is super important right now. And, of course, we can help!




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