Firepit Fun!

grunbaumblog3Just got these pictures from a client. He celebrated the New Year with friends at his fab new pad, designed by Barbara Bestor. The house is all about “floating clouds,” and we referenced the cantilevered upper story with a levitating path and patio. And just wait until spring time when the house will be fronted by a cloud of white flowering trees!

In the meantime, these photos reminded me that I haven’t blogged about firepits. I think they are the best “bonus” feature you can add to a garden. Especially in LA, where we always end up outside at parties, even when it’s 50 degrees out in December! Plus nothing makes an evening more magical and relaxing than watching the flames dance around.

I am a big fan of gas fires. They are clean-burning (less pollution!) and don’t throw out any sparks – a big deal in our flammable city. You can still roast marshmallows on them (I did last night with my 3 year old), though it does take a little longer than with a traditional camp fire, as they aren’t as hot.

Add some low-voltage lighting (I’m really excited about the new LED fixtures finally coming out – more on that soon), and your garden is ready for nighttime fun.


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