Crescenta Valley Water Department


Where I live in the Crescenta Valley they have ‘Water Conservation Alert Status’ signs strategically placed around the town. Since I moved there in June 2007 there have only been a few days when the sign has read ‘Normal’ it’s usually on ‘High’. Here are some things they suggest we can do to help in our own backyard.

I’m sure we all know the following tips for saving water inside:

1. Fix leaky faucets and plumbing joints.

2. Install water-saving shower heads (FREE FROM CVWD).

3. Run only full loads in the washing machine and dishwasher.
4. Shorten your showers.
5. Don’t use your toilet as a trash can!

Saving water outside is another issue we have to start looking at.
Here is one idea they give for doing that:

1. Check for leaks. To do this you have to learn where your water meter is and how to read it. Here’s what they say to do next: To perform the leak-check, turn off all water using fixtures inside and outside your home or building, lift the meter lid and cover, then record the position of the red sweep hand and all the numbered digits on the totalizer. [Note: The District uses 3 different meter types. One has a long red sweep hand and the other has two short red sweep hands] Wait about 15 minutes and then record the position of the red sweep hand and the numbered digits again. If the position of sweep hand and the digits have not changed, your plumbing system is leak free. If there is a change, water must be passing through the meter in spite of your fixtures being turned off; in other words there must be a leak somewhere on the property. Check your fixtures and pipes for leaks or call a qualified plumber.

Good Luck!



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